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Fast, easy, reliable and cheap car rental!

Vans, lorries and trucks for every need!

From our commercial vehicles you will find the solution for every need. Our vast and reliable fleet is in your use any time you need: a vehicle for moving, replacement car or to add your transportation capacity when a sudden demand occurs. We’ll find the suitable car for you for a day or a year – anyway you want.

More information and reservations: info@eurorent.fi or +358 300 870707. Ask also other options from our comprehensive fleet!


You can also rent a canopy trailer or car trailer for a reasonable price!

Car trailer: 85€ / day
Canopy trailer: 18,50€ / day

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Hand trucks, moving boxes, aluminum ramps...

From us you can also rent all kinds of extra equipment: hand trucks, pump carts, moving boxes, ladders, slings and cargo straps etc.

Minibus is easy on the pocket and comfortable!

It is fun to make a trip with a larger group of people: Travel to the cottage, midsummer celebration or spending weekend with friends. It is not only easy and fun to make a trip with a minibus but also cost-effective: eight people will travel comfortably in it in addition to the driver. These vehicles are diesel-powered.

Your needs may vary and rental car is a worthy and budget option.

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0300 870 707

(0,48€/min +pvm/mpm)