How to rent

How to rent

Eurorent Oy is a domes­tic, serv­ing car rental, which has been in busi­ness for almost 50 years.

We reg­u­lar­ly update our car fleet and always take our cus­tomers’ needs in con­sid­er­a­tion, in addi­tion to the reli­a­bil­i­ty of the cars and the envi­ron­ment. At the moment we main­ly oper­ate in the Helsin­ki Met­ro­pol­i­tan Area. Read more about the company.

Reser­va­tions are bind­ing and must be can­celled 72 hrs before the start of the reservation.


  • The reser­va­tion is bind­ing and must be can­celled 72 hrs before it would begin.
    We charge 80€ fee if not can­celled or can­celled late, also we charge 15€ if we must return money.
  • The rent should be paid in advance via online bank. If you pay the rent in the office when col­lect­ing the car, we charge 30€ extra. We don’t accept cash!
  • In the car rental requests longer than 1 month we glad­ly make an indi­vid­ual offer by email or call to us 0300 87 07 07.


  • Fuel does not include in the price. The tank is full when you col­lect the car (not includ­ing trucks) and should be returned the same way. In case you don’t fill the tank we charge the fuel/diesel + fee.
  • All of the vans you can dri­ve with the nor­mal B‑license (trucks U‑W-class­es with C‑license).
  • Basi­cal­ly all the vans and trucks use diesel and have man­u­al transmission.
  • You can rent our extra equip­ment even if you don’t rent a car.


  • The price includes always only one driver.
  • The dri­ver may be dif­fer­ent than the renter, dri­ver must show dri­ving license and the renter ID.
  • We charge Young driver’s fee if the dri­ver is younger than 20 years old or have had the license less than 2 years.