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Eurorent – 50 years of experience

Eurorent – car rental services

Eurorent Oy is a domestic car rental company with personal service and nearly 50 years of experience. We are a family business and we started already in 1971. Now we do business in third generation.
Our ambition is to be a reliable and attendant partner which will help and provide solutions to the transportation needs of our customers. We’ll listen our customers with a sensitive ear and improve the service. We have companies as well as private people as customers. We have different sizes and types of personal cars, vans, trucks and minibusses in our fleet.
Rental car is a great choice. In your service – Eurorent Oy.


Domestic, family and responsibility.

As a domestic company we want to be a part of the Finnish service provision and development. We choose our partners carefully. Our eyes are far away in the future because we want our following generations to continue the business.
Sustainable development and environment
These values are important when we choose our car fleet. Besides being reliable and practical the vehicles must also be ecological. We are interested in the new technology such as hybrids and EV’s.